Eurospeak Language School

At Eurospeak we understand that you might be looking for something specialised. We have experience in creating bespoke, courses to your specifications on demand.

These courses are available on request only, and are delivered in a closed group.

English for Commerce and Business Management

ESP Commerce and Business Management includes engaging activities to develop key interpersonal skills for business, such as teamwork, self-motivation, leadership,
and organisation.
Eurospeak ESP Commerce: Sample Course Plan

English for Engineering

ESP Engineering develops the vocabulary, language, and skills that students need for use in a range of different types of engineering, including Mechanical, Electronic,
Electrical, Design, Civil, Structural and Aerospace.
Eurospeak ESP Engineering: Sample Course Plan

English for Finance

ESP Finance develops the skills that students need for use in a range of financial careers such as accounting, economics, auditing, tax, banking, insurance, trading,
and statistics.
Eurospeak ESP Finance: Sample Course Plan

English for Law Enforcement

Eurospeak ESP Law Enforcement: Sample Course Plan

English for the Military

ESP for the Military Service meets the English language needs of military personnel on international operations, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and training exercises, providing students with the functional language they need for a variety of scenarios.
Eurospeak ESP English for the Military: Sample Course Plan

English for Medicine and Dentistry

ESP Medicine is ideal for pre-work students, who will need to use English in professional situations. It is also suitable for doctors and other health professionals who plan to work in English-speaking countries.
Eurospeak ESP Medicine: Sample Course Plan

English for Oil and Gas

ESP Oil and Gas Industry exposes students to a variety of situations and accents and activities. It also covers items of numeracy, measurement, and associated language
relevant to working in the oil and gas industries.

Eurospeak ESP Oil and Gas: Sample Course Plan

English for the Technological Industries

Eurospeak ESP Technological Industries: Sample Course Plan

English for Teachers (Train the Trainer)

ESP for Teachers (Train the Trainer) is designed for participants who are interested in becoming adult educators, especially those who are active in their profession and want to explore tutor/training further and deliver their training in English.

ESP for Teachers (Train the Trainer): Sample Course Plan

English for Tourism

Eurospeak ESP Tourism: Sample Course Plan

Course Requirements

Minimum Age: 18 years old
Minimum Number of Students in Group: 10
Minimum Course Length: 4 weeks
Study Hours: 30 hours per week (120 hours in total)
Accommodation Options: Host family / Student Residence

Why choose Eurospeak?

  • Founded in 1991, we have been teaching English Language for more than 25 years.
  • We are accredited by the British Council.
  • We are accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).
    Excerpts from the ISI Report, September 2016:
    “The language school exceeds expectations for the quality of education.”
    “The quality of curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements is excellent.”
    “Teaching is excellent with well-planned lessons engaging students actively in learning.”
    “Students’ welfare, including health and safety is excellent.”
    “The effectiveness of governance, leadership and management is excellent.”