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This course is a must attend if you are looking for exciting opportunities within care in the UK

This course is geared towards non-native English
learners who are looking for an opportunity to work in
health and social care by developing their communication skills and knowledge. We have worked collaboratively with stakeholders across different settings to develop this course and create recruitment and interview opportunities for our learners on successful completion of the course.

Explore Employement Options

We have worked collaboratively with stakeholders across different settings to develop this course and create recruitment and interview opportunities for our learners on successful completion of the course.

Connect with Local Employers

This is your path to a successful career in Care. In this course you will learn skills that will have you job ready in 32 weeks . At the end of the course, you will be interviewed by Care home owners and this course will get you a foot in the door.

Achieve your Career Goals

Employers look for a team player who is committed towards health, wellbeing and happiness of their residents. Communicating accurately and effectively is critical to the job. We will provide you with all the skill and knowledge to be successful and deliver person centered care.

Course Topics include:

The course covers a variety of relevant topics, including patient admissions, activities of daily living, vital areas of care, looking after elderly patients, and working with mental health issues. The course is designed for care professionals and students with an Upper-Intermediate and Advanced (B2-C1) level of English. It is easy to use, enjoyable and, above all, practical.

Introducing yourself  Pressure area care
Talking about the bodyFalls and injuries
Patient admissionsElderly patients
Taking observationsInfection control
Eating and drinkingTalking about pain
ToiletingMental Health
MobilityHospital charts

Taking the course also improves vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and conversational skills. Participants learn to speak confidently and accurately, and learn to understand better what others say to them.

Course Length32 Weeks course with 3 hours per day clearly divided into sections. Each section focuses on a vital area of practice, giving learners the tools to communicate effectively at work.
Course LevelThe course is set at an Upper-Intermediate and Advanced level (B2-C1 in the Common European Framework). At this level, a learner can understand and communicate in In English language in familiar situations, such as travel, work and family.
InputsDuring the course, learners listen to conversations, read medical texts and hospital charts, watch animated videos, look at work-related photographs and images, and study vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation focus points.
ExercisesLearners take a wide range of exercises to help learn the language they need. The exercises concentrate on scenarios using English at work.
Progress AssessmentAt the end of every unit, there is a progress assessment so learners can see what they have learnt.
Course ContentContent comprises of all relevant and practical topics. It includes patient admission, Eating and drinking, Toileting a patient, Mobility, Falls and Injuries amongst others.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll have:

▶ Apply language skills to a range of healthcare contexts and situations. For example: using adjectives to describe symptoms, using vocabulary related to problems/solutions and causes/effectsInterpret different genres typical of healthcare, including instructions, notes, reflective journals, registration forms

▶ Explore new vocabulary and terminology relating to healthcare

▶ Identify suitable communication modes for different professional situations, for example when giving instructions to patients

▶ Reflect on your learning, and practice writing a reflective journal. Apply language skills to evaluate your experiences

▶ Collect and record medical information by reading and listening for specific information

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“The material of the course has been incredibly engaging and relevant, and everything has been very useful and significant for my job as a carer”.

– Anna Li, Carer