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7 Benefits of Online English Courses

We all know what it is like to learn English in a traditional way. Usually, we pack our bags, get dressed and attend the classes in person. For us, being physically present in class is still very important for the English learning process.

However, we may choose a different path under specific situations! And that path would be enrolling in online English courses. In this way, you can continue your English learning adventure remotely.

In one of our most recent blog posts we talked about the top reasons to learn English. And now, let us present a list that explains the benefits of online English courses.

  1. Build your comfort zone anywhere you want/learn English at home

Some of us may get a little bored with the whole preparation process before starting classes. Every time, we need to pack our bags, get dressed, and spend hours on transportation to get ourselves to classes.

These problems disappear when you choose to take your English course online.

A student learns English at home with native English teachers through an online English course

Without all these routines we just mentioned, you can have a study zone in any style you want at your home. On the other hand, you should not let this comfort distract you from studying when you attend online English courses.

  • You will not have to deal with the visa process

Many international students who want to study English abroad generally prefer countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. However, before they start their English education, they need to get a visa to enter those countries.

As we all know, the visa process can be tedious, time-consuming and costly.

A student applies for the Visa to study English in the UK

However, with the online option, you can still get what you need without visiting the school in person and focus your English education instead of wasting in waiting lines and spend money on transportation and a visa application.

  • Make new friends and build your online community with native English speakers

Whenever you attend an online English class, it is highly likely that you will meet other people from all over the world. During or after the class, you can build lifelong friendships with any classmate with whom you feel a potential friendship.

A student attends an online English course remotely via personal computer

Moreover, you can discuss and have a debate over the topics you have a problem with. Or, you can plan online English conversation classes, write example letters to one another, and make presentations in English on the topics you specialised in. In this way, you will gain a great opportunity to improve your key English skills, namely, writing, speaking, and listening, and become familiar with the various native English accents.

  • Online courses are flexible

You can plan your online English education in a way that fits your schedule. Some of us may prefer to attend the classes in the morning, or in the evening. This flexibility is a big plus for professionals who do not have time due to their busy work life.

Besides, you will also be able to focus on specific needs and receive personalised attention.

For example, if you want to be eligible for applying to top universities in the UK, Canada or US, you can enroll in an online IELTS preparation course for international students.

Online IELTS exam preparation, university application, english certificate requirement A boy and a girl surprised to see English certificate requirement when they fill the university application form

Or, you can participate in conversational English classes and improve your English speaking skills which is very important for workers in an environment where business English is a necessity.

  • You can become familiar with other online English resources

Every student should be aware that they should not solely rely on the courses. You can support your English learning process with additional resources.

For example, while learning or practicing vocabulary you find particularly difficult or recently learned, you can benefit from online dictionaries such as Tureng or Oxford Learner.

The internet is full of articles, news, and blog posts are written in English. You can find and improve your English reading skills by having a look at these kinds of resources on websites such as The Guardian, Financial Times, and Wikipedia.

Moreover, mobile applications gained immense popularity with the rise of mobile device usage.  As the years passed, applications such as Duolingo, Memrise, and Busuu have been preferred by millions of users.

  • Do not let the COVID-19 pandemic stop you!

Within the first few months of 2020, humanity was hit by a disastrous pandemic called COVID-19. Since then, governments all around the world started to implement comprehensive lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As many other aspects of life, education was also greatly disrupted due to worldwide lockdowns.

Most unfortunately, the pandemic is about to reach its second peak by autumn of 2020.

However, we can’t stop time and bring back the opportunities we lost before! You need to keep taking firm steps forward and know that life continues regardless of crises, diseases, and rigors.

  • You should stop learning English online alone!

The Internet is full of free materials for English education, In an ideal world, you would be able to take every step to become proficient on your own. However, the English learning process is not that simple.

Let’s face it, these free materials will not be enough for making you a competent English speaker. In any case, they can NOT serve as a substitute to online English courses by reputable English language schools.

By taking the shortcut, you will be missing out on numerous benefits that can only be gained through human interaction; cultural knowledge, how to use body language, and applying your knowledge in real conversation.

To sum up, we would be more than happy to see you in our classes in person. However, we know that things are really hard these days. Luckily for everyone, the Internet offers us an alternative way!

As Eurospeak Language Schools, we are excited to announce that our online English courses designed for general English education and IELTS exam preparation are about to restart.

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