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The Benefits of Language Learning


Ever wanted to learn another language but found there was always something stopping you? Well, here are six great reasons to just get on with it!

Career Prospects:

More and more these days employers are looking for people who can speak more than one language. Learning another language can boost your chances of being offered your dream job, but that’s not the only benefit – think of all the exciting foreign travel you might experience through your work!

Cognitive Development:

Learning another language improves your cognition in a number of ways: better memory, increased attention span and reduced risk of mental decline as you grow older. Different words and expressions in your new language can also help you to see the world in different ways.

Other Cultures:

When you learn another language, you also learn about the countries and cultures where people speak that language. This is beneficial in itself, but it also helps to broaden your mind and makes your more open to new people and experiences.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation:

Ever watched something translated into your language and thought, I just don’t get the joke? That’s because so much is lost in translation. If you learn another language, you can watch TV and films, and read books in their original language and experience them in the way they were meant to be experienced, in other words, you will get the joke!

Your Own Language:

Learning another language helps to improve your knowledge of your own language. By learning about the grammar of another language, you will become more familiar with how your own language is structured.

Even More Languages:

Once you’ve learnt one second language, the good news is that it is then so much easier to learn additional languages. You will learn your third, fourth and even fifth language a lot more quickly than your second language because of the cognitive effects learning a language has on your brain and also because you will have developed study skills that you can apply more rapidly to additional language learning.

So, no more excuses! Start learning another language today!

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