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Playing the piano helps learning a new language

The piano is capable of producing many different tones. On this occasion not only produces beautiful music, but also an improvement in distinguishing words! The sooner people start music lessons, the better they perform in language learning.

In piano lessons they learn to listen carefully and to distinguish the different tones. These often differ very slightly, so that the ear is trained for them from the very beginning.

This fundamental development is also subconsciously applied in language learning. The realization is based on a group experiment. The result: Language processing skills were far better in the group with piano lessons than in the group who had neither music lessons nor additional reading lessons.

The piano lessons help to learn to distinguish consonants, because they are especially difficult to distinguish, e.g. “T” and “D”. Especially with tonal languages it helps to get piano lessons. However, it is also helpful in non-tonal languages, such as English.

In addition, the positive effect of piano lessons is not limited to this: Other musical instruments have a similar effect. People of all ages can train their hearing, learn a wonderful hobby and create a balance in life. As you can see, there are only positive side effects!

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