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Easter in Germany

Connection to the religion

First of all, how much a German person celebrates Eastern depends on what religion you belong to and how religious you are, because in Germany are living a lot of different religious people. For example, for Christians Eastern is very important, since it is the Feast of the Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is a kind of connection between God and humans, so that they can get rid of their sins through him. In fact, he’s the Messiah for them. Furthermore, many of the believers go to the church for the worship service on the Easter holidays.

In recent years, many migrants have come to Germany, which is why many people at Easter are committed to bring the holidays like Easter closer to the new inhabitants of Germany.In general, Eastern Family feast, where often several generations come together, eat together traditionally an Easter lamb, which is considered as a sacrificial animal for Jesus’ resurrection.


For especially the children the most important thing is probably the Easter egg search:

As a child (or not), on the morning of Easter Sunday, they look in the garden for painted Easter eggs and also for sweets or small gifts. These are usually found in self-made Easter nests and were traditionally hidden by the Easter bunny himself. Many families maintain this tradition even as adults: They continue to look for little things they get from their children or other relatives, so all have a little thing as a gift. Because who doesn’t like gifts?

But in the end, it doesn’t just depend on the gifts, however, many have so the possibility to make their loved ones a joy. In addition, many children also do handicrafts, so it doesn’t always have to be something bought.

The traditional Easter decoration is consisting of rabbits, eggs but also chickens. In Germany they represent new life and since Eastern takes place in spring it suits very well: Everything blossoms out and new life arises. Daffodils are placed on many people’s tables and, depending on how religious a family is, also an Easter candle. Light and warmth is coming soon and the dreary German winter time is over.

Contrary to the previous description, there are also many non-believing people in Germany called atheists who either don’t do anything special at Easter.

As you can see there are many ways to spend Easter in Germany. On the whole for the most people it is just important to see their family again and just spend a great time together!

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