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How to use Augmented Reality in language learning?

How to use Augmented Reality in language learning?

 What is Augmented Reality?

An enhanced, interactive representation of the real world through the use of holographic technology and digital visual, acoustic, and other sensory aspects is called Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality in language learning

AR is ideal for language learning while moving about the home, workplace, or anywhere else. Learning a new language through the use of AR can be enjoyable and successful. For language learners, augmented reality (AR) offers a more immersive and engaging learning experience that will help them retain knowledge and practice their language skills more naturally.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

The use of augmented reality can foster collaborative learning, motivate students better, and raise learning outcomes among learners. These advantages depend on successfully integrating augmented reality into the education system.


It can alter the methods by which students can learn languages and makes them more interesting. It can be used in language classes as follows-

  • Live translation- It translates words or phrases in real-time using the camera and augmented reality (AR) technology. For instance, Google Translators can be used by language learners who are in a foreign place or communicating with someone who speaks a different language.
  • By live tutoring- A native-speaking language tutor can be hired for live tutoring sessions. The teacher can provide feedback on pronunciation and grammar using augmented reality (AR).
  • By using voice recording videos- Using 360-degree video technology, language schools can develop interactive language practice scenarios. For instance, the ImmerseMe application allows the entire class to converse with native speakers at once. 
  • By CoSpaces Edu- Teachers and students can use it to create and share interactive information and immersive 3D worlds as it was created primarily for educational usage.

The goal of the AR4EFL project is to incorporate augmented reality technology in the context of language learning so that learners could learn a new language in a more interactive and fun way.

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