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Tips to give effective Presentations!

Giving a presentation can be stressful. There are just too many things to keep in mind like – an effective opening, audience engagement, body language, visual aids, anxiety management. The list goes on. For many it can be both nerve-wracking and stressful. However, with practice the nerves will ease and it may even become enjoyable. Being able to express yourself clearly and convincingly is a skill needed in all kinds of situations. Below are some suggested tips and guidelines to help prepare an effective presentation.

Try going following these stages to help you deliver effective presentations.

Thing to find out first:

– find out how long you need to speak for

– find out who you’re speaking to as this will affect the style of your presentation


– do not write out your presentation in full; instead, use notes in large writing, so you can see what you’ve written and read it easily

– highlight important words

– use linking words or expressions to connect your presentation together

– think about your timing and decide when you are going to pause and make a note of it


– eye-contact – pretend the audience is there and practise looking at them

– speak loudly enough to be heard

– speak slowly enough to be heard

– stand confidently

– use hand gestures

– make effective use of intonation

– record yourself, play it back later and think about how you could improve – then practise again!


– do everything that you’ve been practising!