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Reading Strategies For Dealing With Unfamiliar Vocabulary

Vocabulary acquisition is key

One of the biggest hurdles students encounter are words they have never heard before. In order to effectively learn new words, there is a whole other set of strategies specifically aimed at understanding new vocabulary.

  • Look at the image for clues: Say they don’t understand a word in the title. Does the photo shed some light onto what it might mean?
  • Look for familiar words within a word: They may not know the meaning of “misinformation”, but they may see it contains the word “information” and try to figure out how the prefix “mis” changes its meaning.
  • Look for context: Some of the other words in the sentence might provide clues as to the meaning of a strange word.
  • Read beyond the sentence: Students should not remain stuck in a single sentence they don’t understand. Quite often clarification and context clues appear further in the reading.
  • Re-read the sentence: Once they’ve figured out the meaning of a new word (or looked it up in the dictionary if all else fails), they should re-read it and see if it makes sense.

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