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Tips for public transport

Let’s get to some practical tips that can save you money! It’s about means of transport:

First, I’d like to say that in Southampton you can do a lot of things on foot. Google Maps quickly becomes your best friend!

The “National Express Coach”is ideal for all longer journeys. This is an ordinary coach. Normally you will find charging facilities (USB port) for your mobile phone on board, as well as a toilet. In addition, the coach has air conditioning, plus seats with extra legroom. The price is also affordable.

Beyond that, the prices adapt to the times: You can drive particularly cheaply in the morning and also in the late evening. So if you want to spend a whole day in one place anyway, this option is perfect for you. The National Express Coach also gives you the opportunity to save up to a third on many trips. Find out more about the various options available on this website: National Express Coachcard.

The train, on the other hand, is more expensive in most cases, but also faster. In terms of price, you can also get a bargain with the train: For example, it is often cheaper to book a return trip at the same time.

Sometimes the train leaves a few minutes earlier than it says on your ticket. Sometimes, of course, later. That means you should still be there early enough not to miss your train.

There are also several bus companies in Southampton and that’s why there are plenty ways to get around by bus, not just within Southampton.

For more information, check out the city’s website: Southampton City Council Public transport

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