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Using music to study

How many times have you sat down to study, only to get distracted by watching videos on YouTube, or songs on the radio? If you’re anything like us, then it’s a lot! But many people don’t realise just how useful music is for language learning – there are many ways that you can combine your love of music and your need to improve your English into one process.


Of course, YouTube is a fantastic language learning resource already, with thousands of teachers around the world sharing lessons online. In terms of music, if you search for the ‘karaoke’ version of the song (lyrics on the screen, but no vocal sound) or simple the version ‘with lyrics’ you can practise singing along to your favourite tracks in English, improve your pronunciation, and entertain your neighbours at the same time!

Write what you hear, then check on the internet

Another great way to use music streaming services is to try and write the words of the song as you listen, pausing and repeating as often as you need to. After you think you’ve written as much as you can, search for the lyrics and see if you were correct, especially with spelling.

Lyrics Training

A great website that helps you to relate what you hear to the written word. With thousands of popular songs in many languages, you can select one that you love, and then type or click the correct words as the song plays. Make it into a competition with your friends and see who has the best memory!

Local music nights

Both Reading and Southampton have loads of great live music venues and they’re the perfect place to listen to English language music and meet people with similar interests to you. Try Sub89, The Oakford Social Club, South Street Arts Centre, The Face Bar and The Global Café in Reading, or The Joiners, Engine Rooms and the Guildhall in Southampton.

Join a choir

Another great way to meet people and share your passion for music is to join a choir. There are many choral groups around the UK, ranging from the more traditional, classical choirs to those which are all about modern pop music.

Music as background

Of course, there are some times when you just need to put your head down and focus, but music can help you with that too! There have been several studies which show that classical music can improve your concentration. Try these suggestions from the BBC – BBC In Tune

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