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Why Studying In Southampton Is Good For Your Career

Southampton is one student city that comes up time and time again as one of the best places for bright minds to live and study. Each year, thousands of new students  move in and get to experience everything that the city has to offer, but why do they come?

For starters, Southampton’s universities have a wide range of courses and alongside your main degree programme, many of Southampton’s universities also offer minor subjects, language learning, and work experience opportunities. This is brilliant because this means while you’re studying, you can also spend some time gaining key experience which will  prepare you to head directly into a career after you graduate.

What about your free time? Are you a creator? Immerse yourself in Southampton’s well-established creative community, which holds plenty of craft events and underground music entertainment for the sound creators. Or maybe you’re more of a socialite.  There are many clubs and societies on offer at Southampton. It’s also home to an 02 academy – the go-to venue for mainstream artists, your favorite bands and singers are likely to visit at some point during your studies. Through these events, you’ll find yourself meeting loads of like-minded people. This could further benefit you if you’re looking to build yourself into a career that is based around marketing and knowing the right people, and if not, a good group of friends to bring along with you and support you in your future is always a plus when moving to a new place.

That’s just the creative and social side of Southampton, it also has opportunities and universities that specialize within the medical area for wannabe doctor where you can  learn from some of the best medical tutors in the world and gain  the confidence and knowledge to kick start your career. There are courses for aspiring athletes, to get their feet in the door of sports careers and for foodies to study professional cookery, and plenty more.

Southampton has something for everyone, you’ll just have to check out the universities and see for yourself!