Eurospeak Language School

The meeting started with series of presentations of the partnership organizations and their representatives.
Next session was led by Petra Patrimonia Corsica, presenting the project objectives, management and communication. That was followed by Intellectual Outputs presentation and discussion.
A list of tasks, responsibilities and deadlines was established afterwards, it is included in the meeting minutes as reference for all the partners.
Intellectual Output no 1 was discussed in great detail, as it is running currently. All partners were briefed by E-learning Concepts representative and were given specific details and working documents. The final version of IO1 will be available on 4th March 2016.
Intellectual Output no 2 in next to start, the responsible partner (Fo.Ri.Um) made a presentation about planned activities and deadlines.
The remaining IOs were discussed as well, but since they start after next management meeting, they were discussed more briefly than two first Outputs.