Life in Reading

Living in Reading, Berkshire

Local places of worship in Reading

The UK is very multicultural so there are some different places of worship local to Reading for different religions. These include:
Reading synagogue – contact them on 0118957 3954
• Mosque (The Jamme Masjid) – contact them on 01189261565
Reading Hindu temple
Roman Catholic Parish of St James & St William of York – contact them on 01189574171

Things to do in Reading

Reading is a large town with a wide variety of shops, both on the high street and in shopping centres like the Oracle which has over 90 shops. The river Thames runs through the town, so you can go for walks on the waterside. In Reading there is a cinema, theatre, a museum and there are also many clubs and bars.

Getting around in Reading

Reading train station has links to almost anywhere in the country. Conveniently it also provides a short 25 minute train ride to London.

Buses are the cheapest way to get around and you can see all the bus timetables for Reading on the Reading buses website.

You can also take a taxi around, these are more expensive but convenient. Make sure that when using a taxi, you only use ones that are licensed to ensure that they are safe.

Life in Reading

Getting an International Student Card

international student identity cardOnce you have an international student card you will be able to get a discount on many things including:
• Flights
• Hotels and hostels
• Bus tours (in many different countries)
• Attractions like museums
• Restaurants and take-aways
• Clothing from many high-street chains
• Your mobile bill

You are illegible for this card if you are over 12 or over and study abroad at a secondary school, language school, 6th form or a college for further educations or a university (this also counts if you’re taking a year out but have a confirmed place at a university).

To get one you need to either order it online (which takes 3-4 weeks to process the application and deliver it to you) or get one at a local issuer on the spot. To do this you need to bring a method of payment with you, a digital background with a white or blue background, a scanned copy of proof that you are a student and a scanned copy of your proof of identity.

After you have your international student identity card you may need to activate it and you can find out if you will need to by visiting this site: If you find it needs activating visit this site to do so: