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Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

In a rapidly transforming world of ever accelerating technological innovations, it is imperative that teachers and students are equipped with

Top 10 Iconic Landmarks In Southampton that you must see

Did you know…?  Southampton is a city in Hampshire, England. The area has been settled since the Stone Age. Having been an important

Advantages of Technological devices and can they make learning more accessible?

Blended learning is a concept formed by the 21st Century and the learning changes that have shaped the way students

10 Tips and Hints for IELTS Speaking Module

You’ve decided to take the IELTS speaking exam. This can be a nerve-wracking experience for many candidates as it involves

The advantages and disadvantages of using augmented reality technologies in language learning contexts

Augmented reality or ‘AR’ is the name given to technologies that enhance our experience of the real world by providing

The ENDIGI-VET Project!

Encouraging digital competences for VET Learners in Europe” or “ENDIGI_VET”, is a project with the aim of contributing to the

The Blended Learning in ELT project!

The technological developments in the 21st century have sparked a great deal of transformation in education. Especially, technologically equipped classrooms

The AR4EFL project!

For teachers, the COVID-19 Pandemic has become a great challenge, for which there is no preconfigured playbook that can guide

Demotivation and low engagement in VET learners

Vocational education and training or VET can play a significant role in empowering learners not only in seeking and maintaining

Learn how to write a rave review

Every day we use and buy products and services. How can we share our opinion with future consumers? It is

6 Confusing English words you need to know

One of the most significant obstacles for English learners is understanding the many words that sound the same when spoken

4 Ways to keep your English at its best during the summer holidays

Summer is coming! Probably this is your most awaited season …. Holidays, sun, beach and trips! Everything is so wonderful