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Try going following these stages to help you deliver effective presentations.

Thing to find out first:

– find out how long you need to speak for

– find out who you’re speaking to as this will affect the style of your presentation


– do not write out your presentation in full; instead, use notes in large writing, so you can see what you’ve written and read it easily

– highlight important words

– use linking words or expressions to connect your presentation together

– think about your timing and decide when you are going to pause and make a note of it


– eye-contact – pretend the audience is there and practise looking at them

– speak loudly enough to be heard

– speak slowly enough to be heard

– stand confidently

– use hand gestures

– make effective use of intonation

– record yourself, play it back later and think about how you could improve – then practise again!


– do everything that you’ve been practising!

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When you write an email or a letter to a friend or family member, it is usually appropriate to write informally. Here are some informal words and expressions that can help you to begin and end your emails or letters in an informal way.

Formal email / letters start with Dear, but when you’re writing to a friend, you can be much more, well, friendly. You could try these ways of saying hello:

  • Hi, Hiya, Hey, Heeeeellllllllloooooo,

You may want to follow any of the above with your friend’s name, but always use a comma at the end.

Next, move down two lines and start with a capital letter, but what can you write here? Here are some suggestions:

  • This is just a quick email / letter to say…

It was great to hear from you.

Thanks for your email / letter.

Sorry I’ve taken so long to write back.

Of course, you then need to write the main body of your email / letter. When you get to the end, you could try finishing with one of these expressions:

  • Well, that’s all for now.

Give my love to everyone.

Don’t forget to write soon.   

followed by:

  • See you soon,

See ya soon, (ya is a very informal way of writing you)

All the best,

Lots of love,

and your name – don’t forget your own name – that’s very important!

So, the next time you’re writing an email or a letter to a friend, try using some of these expressions to set an informal tone.

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Testimonials 2.


Hello! My name is Kai, I am 23 years old, I am from Switzerland and I’m studying at Eurospeak in upper-intermediate level and I feel satisfied with the results. My conversation has improved a lot since the day that I arrived. Study in Eurospeak I think is one of the best things because you can get to know a lot of people.

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My name is Miriam, I am from Mexico, I am 28 years old and I am living in Reading, I have studied Graphic Designer, and the best option for my job is learn English. Classes are fun and productive because the students are friendly and my teacher is amazing, we are a multicultural student community and great learning atmosphere.



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One to One classes

cropped-f.pngOne-to-one English lessons are a perfect way to address your specific English learning needs. These classes are prepared specially for you. You can book one to one classes at any level and for as many hours as you wish.

It is also possible to combine one to one lessons with any other course that you are pursuing. Because it’s just you and your teacher, you can choose exactly what you want to concentrate on – this could be anything from intensive work on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking or listening, to more specialised areas like business or social English or exam preparation. As well as improving your personal weaknesses, one to one means that the teacher gives you undivided attention and you work more intensively, resulting in much faster progress than in a normal class


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Student Testimonials: Mery

image re edited 1 “Hello, I can recommend this English school because I have improved my English, which in nine months could not do in college, staff and faculty Eurospeak are very kind and friendly, if you come to Reading you have to come to Eurospeak”.


Student testimonials: ALICIA


“I am delighted with the school, with the dynamics of the classes and teachers”


“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou

student testimonials: ELVIRA

elvira“This is a perfect school – the teacher (Grant) is fantastic, lessons are highly informative and always interesting, the management is responsible. And apart from that, there are a lot of social activities for students – parties, picnics.”

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Eurospeak Champion League 2nd edition

Eurospeak Champion League 2nd edition

Eurospeak Language School is holding a football match on 25/07/2015 at Palmer Park.

Come along and have a good time getting to know new students from the school!

Palmer Park, Reading

When: Saturday 25th July

Where: Palmer Park

Last day to Sign up  20th July


See you then!