Eurospeak Language School

Eurospeak has been awarded Matrix accreditation!

In November 2020, an assessment was carried out of our Reading office by the Assessment Services. Over the course of the week, a series of interviews were conducted with our stakeholders, partners, staff, employers, and learners to establish the internal culture and processes in place to enable the team at Reading and Southampton to provide high-quality impartial advice and guidance for all.

Eurospeak now offers a unique university admissions service where we give student free Information, Guidance and Advice (known as IAG) about which courses to take and how to prepare for the university application process. The assessors were satisfied that our IAG reached the highest standards of professionalism.

If you want to a professional, government-endorsed free service to help you gain a place at a British university, please ask us for more details.

IAG Service

As part of our university preparation, we offer a free IAG service.

What is IAG? It stands for Information, Advice and Guidance. This means we will provide students, prospective students and even enquirers with the very best IAG so that they can make the best choices about university preparation. 

We offer three official IAG sessions with our experienced trainers. These sessions are designed to help you slim down your options and make informed decisions about tertiary education. This could be about which university, which course, and the application process. If you need skills for university interviews, writing personal statements or some of the academic skills needed for university entrance, we can provide training and/or signpost you to the appropriate agencies.

We take our IAG service seriously and aim to give accurate and impartial information, advice and guidance on a range of options for you.

Please ask us about IAG so that you can make the right choices about your future.

Feedback is welcome

We are a growing organisation and committed to developing the quality of our services. We regularly seek the views of our learners to find out how far they are satisfied with the courses and support provided.

We welcome any comments you have which may help us to improve our services. If you are a learner with us you can pass your comments directly to your trainer or contact the school director to In any case, you will be sent a feedback form at the end of your IAG journey.

We hope that you are happy with the service you receive, but if you are not, then we will investigate and deal with any difficulties you experience. If you have a complaint then we will treat it in confidence and will do our best to resolve it fairly and quickly in accordance with our complaints procedure.