Eurospeak Language School

CEFR LevelMode of StudyTeacherEntry RequirementsOptional Support
B1Full-time - 15 hours per week
Rebecca CrowtherScore of 56 – 75 on Eurospeak Placement TestHigher Conversational English & Writing Class
DaysTimeMinimum Enrolment Age
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday9:30am - 12:45pm18 years old

Course Book

Book: “English File” 3rd Edition – Intermediate.

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Course Description

In Intermediate, you will continue to build on your knowledge of English and will increase your confidence and fluency. You will learn more about the world, your classmates’ countries and England, whilst learning grammar and vocabulary needed for life in the UK. It is in the Intermediate course that you will finish learning most of the basic rules of grammar, and start to explore how to use language more creatively to explain your ideas and opinions. There is a lot of discussion in Intermediate, and you will learn much about yourself as well as English!



EU Student Prices

EU Student Membership

Price For 10 Week Membership
ProgrammeClass Duration2 Days Per Week3 Days Per Week4 Days Per Week5 Days Per Week
Morning Class3 hours20 classes30 classes40 classes50 classes
10% saving10% saving16% saving20% saving

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EU Student Pay As You Go Prices

Morning Classes

£25 each class (3 hours)
£125 for 5 morning classes

Afternoon Classes

£16 each class (2hours)
£80 for 5 afternoon classes

Evening classes

Membership Scheme only

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International Student (Non-EU) Prices

Eurospeak Visa Student (Non-EU) Price List

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