Eurospeak Language School

We are based in Reading, Berkshire, UK and Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

  • Eurospeak Reading was founded in 1991 and is a British Council and ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) accredited centre, and is also a UKVI licensed sponsor under Tier 2 General and Tier 4 General of the points-based system. We have consistently maintained low prices and excellent quality, as well as a welcoming, multicultural student community and atmosphere.
  • Eurospeak Southampton opened on the 22nd October 2018 and is Eurospeak’s second location in the UK. Eurospeak Southampton is located in a historic, 4-storey listed building, which is a 5 minute walk from Southampton Central train station, a 5 minutes walk from Southampton city centre and also opposite the biggest park in the centre of Southampton, Watts Park.

Why study at Eurospeak?

  • Both of Eurospeak’s centres offer a variety of English courses with something to suit everyone.
  • We stay flexible to the needs of students and try to accommodate every request.
  • You can join any week of the academic year.
  • We use the newest teaching materials and modern interactive SmartBoards*.
  • Our teachers are passionate and motivated in ensuring our students’ success. Read more about them here.
  • We have years of experience in helping students from all over the world with their visa and entry requirements, employment possibilities and finding local accommodation.
  • We have a multicultural student community and a great learning atmosphere.
  • We plan and provide extracurricular activities such as trips to nearby sites of interest, historical places and famous tourist attractions throughout the UK**.

*All of our classrooms at Eurospeak Reading, 29a Chain Street have SmartBoards, but the additional rooms we use at Greyfriars Centre at certain times during the year do not have SmartBoards.

**We only provide activities and excursions for students aged 18+. All excursions and activities are at extra cost and are not included in the course fees. The cost varies depending on the excursion/activity.

Statement of Educational Purpose

Our prime objective is to give all of our students the best opportunity we can to improve their lives by imparting on them the skills necessary for success. By helping them attain a good command of English, we aim to help our students lead successful and happy lives wherever they live and work. We also value integrity and harmony between students, their diversified cultures and different nationalities, in order to develop our own community.