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Project Number: 2020-1-HR01-KA227-SCH-094792 

Project Title: ACT Communicate Transcend

Dates: May 2021 – May 2023 

Partners: Coworking Plus (Coordinatior – Denmark), Eurospeak Language School (UK), GrowthCoop (Spain)



The aims of ACT project are to assist the progress of learning English as a foreign language, in particular speaking skills, by developing a unique drama-based speaking assessment rubric, a set of training materials, a drama-based activity book, and, finally, a e-learning platform which will unite all previously mentioned intellectual outputs. Said intellectual outputs will provide a deeper understanding of drama and its benefits in the classroom.

The project has brought together 8 partners from 6 different countries and employed 12 ESL teachers. This multicultural and diverse cross-sectoral cooperation includes a theatre company, a directorate, a university, two NGOs, an adult education center, and a foreign language school.

Project target groups involve primary and secondary English language teachers from 6 countries, namely Croatia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, and the UK. Their involvement in the project is crucial as they will be implementing the developed activities and be actively involved throughout the project. Having been involved in the project, the teachers will gain an in-depth knowledge of drama-based speaking activities, improve their pedagogical skills, develop their language and cultural understanding as well as make their teaching more fun.

The latest surveys on accomplishments of English language learners as well as a comparative analysis of languages in education and training across the EU have revealed that “most Member States face challenges in ensuring appropriate learning outcomes in the field of languages” as stated in the aforementioned document. This clearly indicates the necessity to bring a change into the curricula and provide an innovative tool that will be directed at improving English language speaking skills. We believe that bringing drama-based activities into the classrooms across Europe will increase the level of students’ motivation, interest, engagement, and most importantly, facilitate their learning process as well as improve their speaking skills.

The intellectual outpus will be made available for use both for teachers and their students even after the project is finalized, to develop new and innovative teaching methods and implement these directly into practice as well as professional development through project work.

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Project Number2020-1-DK01-KA204-075041 

Project TitleFETRA – Fellow Travellers: Soft skills for Human Resources Management in SMEs 

Dates: December 2020 – November 2022 

Partners: Coworking Plus (Coordinatior – Denmark), Eurospeak Language School (UK), GrowthCoop (Spain)  


This project is aimed for young entrepreneurs without training in human resources abilities. The soft skills for managing human resources will help entrepreneurs for the success of the company. One of the most important factors for competitiveness and success in entrepreneurs and SMEs are the importance to know how to manage your staff.

The project results will include three Intellectual Outputs: a Self-Evaluation in Human Resources soft skills, Open Educational Resources in human resources soft skills, and inspiring success stories in soft skills.

The project consortium is composed of 6 organisations from 5 different EU countries: Coworking Plus (Denmark), GROWTHCOOP (Spain), Eurospeak (UK), Apload (Portugal) , Eesti People for People (Estonia) and INDEPCIE (Spain).

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ECT skills with EL 

Project Number2020-1-LV01-KA204-077544 

Project Title: Implementing Entrepreneurship and Critical thinking skills in combination with English Language learning

Dates: 12/20 – 2/22 

Partners: Valodu Mape Sia (Coordinator – Latvia), Eurospeak Language School (UK), Edu Compass Foundation (Bulgaria), Libera Università Europea Terza età Campania (LUETEC) (Italy) 


The purpose of this project is to facilitate an ‘exchange of good practice’ which will aim to develop a Bootcamp programme for students where they will be able to learn entrepreneurship and critical thinking skills in conjunction with English language learning. Learning entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills is not only an additional incentive when taking an English language course, but it is also a necessity. Necessity to the extent that people who learn another language, usually learn it in order to develop their competencies professionally. An advanced vocabulary and competency skill expansion are particularly important and can increase employment as well as increase career opportunities nationally and internationally.

This project is born as a response to the current reality across all partner organisations. Firstly, to the need of encouraging and educating teaching possibilities for English language learners. And secondly, to the need of reaching new groups of potential students to increase the number of new clients for the organisations. All partners involved see this project as an opportunity to address these needs internationally by sharing and confronting practices and methods.

Check out the Newsletter for the project, Newsletter for the LTTA in Italy, October 2021 Newsletter

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Project Number2020-1-PL01-KA204-082190 

Project Title: InclusionApp: Enhancing social inclusion of Refugees, Immigrants and Asylum Seekers  through a mobile app 

Dates: 09/20 – 08/22 

Partners: Szczecinska Szkola Wyzsza Collegium Balticum (Coordinator – Poland), Eurospeak Language School (UK), Innovation Frontiers (Greece), Tropicalastral (Portugal), Welcome Home International (Belgium)  

The main goal of the project InclusionApp is to help RI&AS (refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers) learn the language & the culture of the host country through a mobile serious game and old practices against social exclusion through a a Collaborative e-learning platform. Specifically the aims of the project are twofold:(a) The Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile Serious Game for learning the language & the culture of the host country (InclusionApp mobile game) for RI&AS(b) The creation of a Collaborative e-learning portal with good practices against social exclusion of RI&AS.

Let’s teach Europe 

Project Number2020-1-PL01-KA204-082156 

Project TitleLet’s teach Europe! European Heritage as a pedagogical and integration tool in adult education 

Dates: 12/20 – 01/22 

Partners: EDUSYSTEM Sp. z o.o. (Coordinator – Poland), Eurospeak Language School (UK), JUMP – Gioventù in riSalto (Italy), Liceo La Paz (Spain)  

According to the Special Eurobarometer Report, Cultural Heritage, most respondents (88%) agree that Europe’s cultural heritage should be taught in schools, as it tells us about our history and culture. Adult education has a key role here. Partner organizations decided to respond to the need of modern teaching European Heritage to adult and senior learners. They will develop the idea of treating European heritage as a pedagogical and integration tool. It will be perceived as a carrier of important knowledge and common values. The project participants from partner organizations from Poland (coordinator), UK, Italy and Spain will be adults or seniors – students and educators. All of them will be invited to many local activities, some of them will also be selected to take part in the international training activities in partner countries.

Participants will receive knowledge about the richness of Europe, as well as deepen the knowledge of their own culture. Educators participating in the project will develop their competences, exchange good practices, ideas and get necessary skills and inspiration to implement many creative lessons and activities, which will promote and support culture and European heritage.

To achieve the project objectives and results, different activities are planned. An intensive collaboration of 4 adult institutions from 4 different countries will result in 4 international learning mobilities (3 Short-term joint staff training events in the UK, Spain and Poland and 1 blended mobility of adult learners in Italy) 

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Erasmus+ Meaning Project - Eurospeak Language School


Project Number2020-1-PL01-KA204-081605 

Project TitleCreating a new meaning in language education for senior learners 

Dates: 12/20 – 2/23 

PartnersFundacja Parasol (Coordinator – Poland), Eurospeak Language School (UK), Solution: Solidarity & Inclusion (France), Kaunas County Public Library (Lithuania), speakeasy Berlin GmbH (Germany) 


The MEANING Project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, aims to develop guidelines for English language teachers in order to respond better to the learning needs of senior students and to motivate and activate seniors to learn and participate in lifelong learning. 

Lifelong learning is a concept whose origins are found in the USA in the 60s. When the first lifelong centre, sometimes called ‘universities of the third age’, was set-up to cater for the educational needs of the over 50s. These centres have the twin focus of educating people who are in retirement but also those who want to upskill and remain in employment. All studies confirm that brain exercise has a positive effect on our health, mind and longevity. However, it’s not easy to promote courses and encouraging uptake and good attendance in non-mandatory education, and secondly, teachers have to accommodate a very different learner with different motivations, learning style and knowledge retention.

The project consortium consists of experts in the field from Germany, France, Poland, Latvia and the UK who have designed a 27-month project which will generate tools and outputs to help senior learners and teachers of the English language. Researchers and teachers will then meet in workshops and employ design thinking to develop material with the biggest impact on the target group. 

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English for Seniors 

Project Number: 2020-1-PL01-KA204-081771 

Project TitleREAL LIFE CONTEXT – English for seniors  

Dates: 12/20 – 11/22 

Partners: Euro-Forum (Coordinator – Poland), Eurospeak Language School (UK), Ljudska University (Slovenia) 


Classic full-time General English courses for seniors are popular, but they are mainly conducive to social and activating goals. They help maintain mental fitness, but develop language to a small extent and favor the needs of seniors. There is a lack of practical aspects, most often related to traveling, visiting a family living abroad, and this is what most seniors studying. While conducting courses for os.60 +, teachers from partners’ organizations often received requests to supplement the syllabus with practical elements related to travel and the use of language. Our experts noticed the need not only to use English, but also to practice the use of modern devices, e.g. parking meters, ticket machines, as well as online tools and applications: bank account, flight check, etc. An additional difficulty is the fact that seniors are the least numerous groups using the computer and the Internet, the common belief is “It’s not for me.”   

The project will involve a number of teaching professionals to create three outputs to support teachers: an e-book, thematic modules, supplementary materials, and an educational platform.  

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Project Number 2020-1-UK01-KA201-078968 

Project TitleSocial Entrepreneurship and social iNnovation happens to Every Student-SENSES 

Dates: 01/11/2020 – 10/10/2022  

Partners: Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative Limited (Coordinator – UK), Eurospeak Language School (UK), Blue Room Innovation SL (Spain), Eurotraining Educational Organization (Greece), Xenios Polis (Greece), Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus), Private Grammar & Modern Schools (PMGS) (Cyprus), Specchio Magico Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS (Italy)


SENSES will develop a new educational approach in primary education that will strengthen on one hand teachers with knowledge and skills to lead their students to a social entrepreneurship and innovation spirit and, on the other, the capacity and skills of children from all backgrounds to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and design innovative solutions to social problems (e.g. environmental consciousness, gender equality, minority integration). In other words, the suggested educational model will aim to create the future social innovators and social entrepreneurs of Europe by drawing on today’s unprecedented technological and professional resources to engage all students, develop their love of learning, and enable them to face the real challenges of the 21st century .

Our project’s main principle is that if the benefits of social entrepreneurship in education are to be enjoyed by as many children as possible, then TEACHERS need to be at the heart of that delivery. Investing in teachers’ understanding and knowledge of Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is the way to maximise the number of children understanding and being immersed in the ‘world’ of social entrepreneurship & innovation.


Project Number:  2020-1-TR01-KA204-093253 

Project Title: Financial Literacy Training in Adult Education 

Dates: 1/21 – 7/23 

Partners: SELCUK UNIVERSITESI (Coordinator – Turkey), Eurospeak Language School (UK), KONYA IL MILLI EGITIM MUDURLUGU (Turkey), Hayat Boyu Gelisim Dernegi (Turkey), Euphoria Net Srl (Italy), Masarykova univerzita (Czech Republic), Asociación Valencia Inno Hub (Spain)


Our project intends to facilitate the setting up of Financial literacy training courses in adult education institutions thanks to a training path developed at international level targeting adult learners and the teachers of adult schools. Our objective is to:- promote a model at European level, to bring benefits to the European adult sector which want to increase the quality of Financial literacy learning curriculum;- improve the capacity development of the schools/training institutions that should implement Financial Literacy paths/programmes;- improve the provision of better guidance on skills and competencies;- develop tutoring and coaching skills in teachers;- identify in the learning paths competences to be acquired through non-formal learning, personalized learning.

The partnership will produce an innovative Output, an open online resource hosting the Financial Literacy Training with extra resources adult learners and education institutes in Europe could use to ensure high-quality Financial Literacy preparation and training. In addition, the project will develop also an Android mobile application for budget management for two kind of users: a personal assistant in budget management and a professional assistant for entrepreneurs.


Project Number:  2020-1-FR01-KA202-079751 

Project Title: BEST practices for TRaining in Adults Non-formal Education 

Dates: 09/20 – 04/22 

Partners: Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion (Coordinator – France), Eurospeak Language School (UK), The Rural Hun (Ireland), Società Cooperativa Sociale Fuori dal Sommerso (Italy), Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus)

BEST TRANE provides best practices to trainers in order to prepare them to teach in intergenerational environments and to motivate older learners to take part in non-formal education activities.