Eurospeak Language School

Serda & Ziya Tüzel

“I am Serda Tüzel and my husband Ziya Tüzel. We are from Cyprus. We are very lucky to found Eurospeak Language School in Reading. We had a general English course for 2 months. We needed to improve our English just for talking. We have to say that, we were glad to met all school team and teachers. They are kind, helpful, friendly and hospitaly. Me and my husband very thankful to all of them. We met there many different countries and cultures of friends. Eurospeak location is very very convinient for us. It’s centre of the town and shopping area. Also Reading is a great city. We were lucky to be there.”

Waleed Alshammari

“I’m Waleed from Saudi Arabia. I’m 26 years old. Eurospeak is one of the best English language schools that I have studied in. The teachers and the staff are very nice and helpful. The students are from everywhere and very nice. This school helped me to be perfect in English and to get a high mark in the IELTS exam for university admission. Thanks to everyone at Eurospeak!”


Ana Leandro Hernandez

“My name is Ana, and I am 24 years old from Spain. I studied at Eurospeak for over a year, and passed my FCE and CAE Cambridge exams there. The exam preparation classes helped me find a job and now I am studying for my master degree. The Eurospeak teachers were amazing, the office team are supportive and helpful, and the student community is fantastic. The mix of nationalities is great, and I made some lifelong friends. I love everyone at the school!”


Valentina Fiabane

“My name is Valentina Fiabane, I’m 18 years old and I am from Italy. What I like best about Eurospeak is that you can see the different cultures from Italy to Spain to Russia, India, England and many other countries. Another thing that I really like at Eurospeak is the atmosphere as it’s made up of people willing to help those in need.”


Claudia Fontanive

“My name is Claudia and I am from Italy. I am 18 years old. Eurospeak language school is very welcoming; teachers are ready to help in any way when you need it, also all students. Learning English in a multicultural school I think is one of the best things because you can get to know peoples different cultures; and Reading is a great city!”

Oslay Ortega

“My name’s Oslay Ortega, I’m from Cuba and I’m 29 years old. I have lived in Reading since September and I ‘m very happy in this city because it’s very quiet, cosy and the people are very nice. I come to Eurospeak every day because I’m progressing a lot with my English and I’m sure I’ll get my aims here. Eurospeak is a nice place where employees are very nearby and where you can make friends.”



Guilia Ramalho

“I am Guilia from Brazil and I want to thank you all from Eurospeak for everything. All the team are so friendly and helpful , anytime! I would strongly recommend Eurospeak to everyone who wants to learn and improve English skills. I am having such a great time here and I couldn’t be more grateful for how my English has been improving.”



Lorenzo Colini

“I’m Lorenzo from Italy. I’ve decided to study at Eurospeak because one of my friends suggested me to try this school. I needed to improve my English for my future career and I’ll never regret this choice. All teachers are competent and professional, classes are dynamic and never boring. You can meet people from a lot of different countries. Also the office team is amazing : they helped me to open Bank Account and gave plenty of advice on how to get the National Insurance Number and start working in the UK. I’ll never stop saying them thank you!”