Eurospeak Language School

Eurospeak History

Michael O’Brien – Founder of Eurospeak Language School

Eurospeak Reading was founded as a school of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in October 1991 by Mr. Michael O’Brien. Originally starting with a few evening and Saturday classes for visitors and au-pairs working with families in the Reading area, within a year the demand for lessons grew to cover the mornings, afternoons and evenings every day. To meet this increased demand, we soon assembled a group of competent, friendly teachers and thus the ranks of loyal and successful students grew as we expanded and even began arranging activities and tours for them.

Over this time Eurospeak continued to build up its reputation by employing good teachers, having reasonable prices, having a friendly helpful atmosphere and organising activities of interest to the students. As the demand grew beyond lessons for immigrants residing in the UK, the college began to support students who needed student visas and in the space of just 4 years, Eurospeak became an international college that welcomed students from all over the world. This meant that a full-time schedule was developed so that students could be accommodated for the required 15 hours or more of tuition each week. In time, as student numbers grew, so did the need for more teachers. During this period, we also started entering our students for the Cambridge ESOL exams and by 1998 we had become a national exam centre recognised by Cambridge University. In the years that followed Eurospeak continued to flourish.

The current proprietor is Gaurav Vahi, who can be contacted at

Eurospeak Southampton opened in October 2018 and is Eurospeak’s second location in the UK. Eurospeak Southampton is located in a historic, 4-storey listed building, which is a 5 minute walk from Southampton Central train station, 5 minutes’ walk from Southampton city centre and also opposite the biggest park in Southampton, Watts Park.

Southampton offers a wide range of higher education opportunities and students from all over the world choose to come here to study and enjoy the many green spaces, including Southampton Common, which is great for running sports, relaxing and studying! In the summer, events and festivals are held there.

Eurospeak Values

  • Provide high quality, accessible and affordable education tailored to the individual needs of all our students, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, or gender reassignment.
  • Manage sustainable long term growth of provision in which all stakeholders, including Eurospeak team and all suppliers, grow together.
  • Promote environmental sustainability throughout the organization.
  • Provide a friendly, open community for staff and students to thrive and achieve their goals.

Eurospeak Organisational Goals

  • To have multiple centres within the UK in which consistently high quality education is delivered
  • To consistently provide a community and educational opportunities for students in order for them to achieve their full potential.
  • To continue to ensure that staff have ample opportunities to grow and develop in a happy and mutually supportive work environment.
  • To continue to employ prudent financial management to ensure sustainable long term growth.

Join us at Eurospeak and become a valued part of our history!