PRELIM3 and Eurospeak

Descriptions of Prelim 3:

Prelim 3, shorted as Partnered Remote Language Improvement Project, is associated with the British Council, English UK, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), and NILE education consultancy. The output that prelim 3 will develop is teaching materials for teachers. Besides Prelim 3, Eurospeak has an enviable background in project development on its previous collaboration with the Malian Association of Teachers of English (MATE) in PRELIM 2.

We are thrilled to partner with BETA (Bolivia English Teachers Association) this year.  BETA, BOLIVIA is an independent and not-for-profit association, founded in 1996. Its mission is to enhance professionalism in English Language Teaching Education promoting professional development opportunities for EFL teachers in Bolivia. BETA is affiliated with TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages and the IATEFL International Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

BETA organizes teacher development conventions, workshops, and courses during the year as well as a three-day annual convention – usually in the month of January – with the participation of world-renowned experts. This event, which is acknowledged as in-service training by the Ministry of Education, features papers, encourages, and supports the creation and development of local groups throughout Bolivia that organize local workshops and seminars to deal with issues of particular interest to the group members, workshops, poster sessions, and a publishers’ exhibition.

From this website, you will be able to find teaching materials created based on Bolivian culture. They contain 5 units about speaking and communicational activities for A2/B1/B2 level students. Please have a look at the link to find all the units.

If you have any issues in applying the materials, please drop your feedback here: Feedback form.

More Information

Eurospeak in Prelim 2:  

Eurospeak has worked with the British Council and its projects. Eurospeak was partnered with the Malian Association of Teachers of English (MATE) in prelim 2. In prelim 2, Eurospeak created and delivered teaching training courses based on the topics of classroom functional language, diagnosing, and working on common errors, fluency development, accent reduction, and demonstration & analysis of own teaching strategies. This involved starting sessions with language development activities and then moving on to discussion and reflection on the techniques the tutors used during these activities. For example, one of the sessions started with a vocabulary activity that involved eliciting from the CPs during the language development stage of the lesson. After the vocabulary slot of this session was finished, the tutor moved on to introducing and labelling the concept of eliciting in language teaching, providing opportunities for discussion and reflection. 

PRELIM 2 posed unique challenges and opportunities, mainly in relation to the needs of learners from an unfamiliar background. As one of the tutors put it: “While in the past I usually taught… using a set textbook, this course allowed me to adapt more to the participants based on both frequent errors and feedback”. This was partly because the tutors had no previous experience working with learners from Mali. Teaching fellow language teachers further contributed to this, as the tutors only had limited opportunities to engage in teacher training in the past. This was a challenge that the tutors responded to with enthusiasm, and which, in their own words, allowed them to gain: “some insight into new teaching approaches, and how to adapt them to our particular context.”   

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