University Preparation

University Preparation

Are you hoping for a place at a top university in the UK/US?

You’ve come to the right place!

It’s not easy. Top universities are looking for top students. Academic achievements are a great start. They will take you along the path and get you to the front door. But to open that door you will need a special set of keys. 

You need a well-written and very persuasive personal statement and the know-how to perform brilliantly in the interview… to even stand a chance!

There’s more. Once you make it through the door, your success depends on an array of learnable skills which, let’s face it, school simply doesn’t provide.

If you like risks, you can leave your chance of being accepted by a prestigious university to chance- but with acceptance rates being low- Oxford is around 6%, Harvard around 4.5% and LSE around 8.9% – you’re asking for unbelievable good fortune!

Instead of gambling your future away on long shots, why not do what more and more smart people are doing these days? Signing up for professional university preparation?

After 30 years of training students for access to university in English-speaking countries, Eurospeak has compiled course content which has been road-tested, tweaked, critically reviewed and perfected.

Eurospeak has also assembled a team of fully qualified teachers and a student-friendly timetable to bring you a course that does exactly what it claims.

TopUni is a pioneering multi-modular university preparation course that takes your application from basic to gold standard!”


Over one academic year for just three hours per week, you will learn the following essentials for university admission:

Admission Procedures in UK/US – Take a journey through the labyrinth of application procedures to clarify your options.

Writing a Personal Statement – Master the art of selling yourself on paper. Analyze model answers and learn the importance of framing and definitions. You will get to know what universities really look for.

Critical Thinking- Learn how to construct good arguments and avoid logical fallacies. Learn how to critically analyze text and spot errors in reasoning.

Academic Writing– Learn how to structure and write effective and elegant text that impresses markers. Study how to write intro paragraphs and structure logical arguments, plus international referencing systems.

Interview Skills – Learn the crucial importance of body language, building rapport and how to generate answers that work! In this module you will have mock interviews and have detailed feedback to help you improve.

Career Mapping – Avoid the risk of dropout by choosing the right course and learn how to plot a career path that is achievable and motivating.

Presentations Skills – Learn and practice 9 components of giving persuasive presentations at university and in the professional world.

Leadership and Teamwork – Learn 7 effective leadership styles used by leaders around the world. Practice teamwork- dealing with conflict and ‘storming’ and self-assessment.

Managing Academic Stress – Learn essential study strategies to avoid wasting countless hours. Also pick up self-care techniques to alleviate stress.

Living in the UK/US – How to make the most of your time in another country. Dealing with culture clash and learning how to integrate. Top tips on budgeting, finding accommodation, student visas and student loans.

“This training will not only skyrocket the quality of your application, but also raise your entire academic performance at university – and equip you with valuable skills for the working world.”

TopUni Benefits

✔ Our staff are highly qualified teachers (not just graduates) with personal experience studying in both the UK and the US.

✔ We are accredited by the British Council and ISI so you can be sure our standards are high. 

✔ All classes are held online outside school hours on the weekend to accommodate your busy academic schedule

✔ We only accept students who are serious about gaining a place at a top university. All applicants who complete this form today can expect to hear from us within 3 days. 

Meet the Team

‘I have carried out over 800 mock university interviews and really worked out the secrets to a successful interview. I’ve also trained top CEOs and five star generals in presentation skills. One of the best things about a course like TopUni is how much students improve their skills in marketing themselves. This can open some big doors in life!’

William Barker- (Course Director) BSc Hons, PG Dip

‘I was born in the United States and went through my bachelor’s and first master’s degree there. Ultimately, my passion for travel and education pushed me to pursue another master’s degree as an international student in the UK, an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. Studying abroad can be a difficult but hugely rewarding experience!’

Kelsea Mucherino (Course Director)- BA, MA

‘Studying Linguistics at a high level, I have achieved a real understanding of what it takes to be successful as a university student and in academia. I have experience not only in similar initiatives to Top Uni but also in lecturing at top ranked UK universities. For Top Uni, I have designed a curriculum that will help you take your academic writing and your reasoning skills to another level.’

Gonzalo Galian Lopez MA- Phd student


‘I have been passionate about education all my life. I remember being excited about learning as a child. One of the most useful things I have learned is the importance of outside help. For me mentorship is the real secret weapon for high achievers. I recommend students write a high-quality personal statement. It can open the door to a top university and help you find employment.’

Boubecar- Msc

‘I’ve lived in 12 countries, but the UK is my home. I’ve written numerous articles on philosophy. So many people fail to realize the benefits of Critical Thinking. It is essential for university and for life in general. Knowing how to present a sound argument and to spot the flaw in another’s argument can be the difference between a pass and a fail’

Darren Allen BA

For Schools: We appreciate that your school’s reputation is related to academic success and the number of students who make it to university. We also know your staff may be overstretched and not necessarily able to teach these modules. That is why we have a special, in-school version of this course. This lifts the huge burden of university preparation off your shoulders! To find out more about timetables and prices, please contact us at“.

Please enquire today by emailing or by filling in the Expression of Interest form and we will respond to any enquiries as soon as possible!

IAG Service

As part of our university preparation, we offer a free IAG service.

What is IAG? It stands for Information, Advice and Guidance. This means we will provide students, prospective students and even enquirers with the very best IAG so that they can make the best choices about university preparation. 

We offer three official IAG sessions with our experienced trainers. These sessions are designed to help you slim down your options and make informed decisions about tertiary education. This could be about which university, which course, and the application process. If you need skills for university interviews, writing personal statements or some of the academic skills needed for university entrance, we can provide training and/or signpost you to the appropriate agencies.

We take our IAG service seriously and aim to give accurate and impartial information, advice and guidance on a range of options for you.

Please ask us about IAG so that you can make the right choices about your future.

Feedback is welcome

We are a growing organisation and committed to developing the quality of our services. We regularly seek the views of our learners to find out how far they are satisfied with the courses and support provided.

We welcome any comments you have which may help us to improve our services. If you are a learner with us you can pass your comments directly to your trainer or contact the school director to In any case, you will be sent a feedback form at the end of your IAG journey.

We hope that you are happy with the service you receive, but if you are not, then we will investigate and deal with any difficulties you experience. If you have a complaint then we will treat it in confidence and will do our best to resolve it fairly and quickly in accordance with our complaints procedure.

Fees- £4,999 which is less than 5% of your expected first three years’ salary after graduating from a top university.

Our application process is easy – simply fill in the application form and you will hear back from us within 3 days.