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Food in the UK

  • Fish and chips

A must have, it is the most famous British dish in Great Britain! This fish (cod or haddock) covered with a thick layer of batter before being immersed in boiling oil is served with vinegar chips and/or with a pea purée. To be tested at least once! You can still enjoy it today in the oldest fish-and-chip shop still in operation “The Oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the World ” in Yeadon, near Leeds.

  • Full English breakfast

It is also known as “bacon and eggs”. It consists of bacon, fried eggs, sausages, beans, “hash brown” (potatoes and fried bread crumbs, shaped like a hamburger), fried tomatoes and mushrooms, all served with toasted bread next to the plate. It’s a real calorie festival, but it’s delicious!

  • Sunday roast

It’s the most common dish in English cuisine. This roast beef is traditionally served with Yorkshire pudding. Yorkshire pudding is a salty cake made from eggs, milk, flour and baked in the cooking fat of the meat. The roast is served with baked potatoes and steamed or roasted vegetables – all washed down with some thick gravy sauce.







  • Toad in the hole

This all-time British classic consists of sausages wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding-like smooth batter and baked in the oven. They are served with an onion juice sauce mixed with wine or English beer and mashed potatoes. It may seem strange to look at, but it tastes great.








  • Chicken masala

Due to their past, Indian culture has strongly influenced English food. This chicken dish with tomato sauce, cream and fenugreek spice is served in most Indian restaurants. It’s served with rice. It is not uncommon for fast food companies like MacDonald’s or Burger King to launch chicken masala variants of their burgers since it’s so popular.

  • Haggis

This Scottish speciality is prepared with sheep offal, onions, oats and lard. This dish is traditionally cooked in a broth with the meat enclosed in a sheep’s belly. However, we can reassure you that today synthetic casings are used instead. Most of the time, the “haggis” is served with mashed potatoes.

  • Bangers and Mash

Nothing more than sausages served on a generous portion of mashed potatoes, topped with a gravy sauce. Simple, quick and delicious!

  • Steak and Kidney Pie

It’s a pie made with salted beef broth, thickened with flour or cornstach and often with ale or stout added. you can serve a magpie in different ways, depending on the meat you use. If you don’t like beef, other versions with chicken or fish exist.


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