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Preparing your employees to excel in the extremely competitive global business world of today tops the check list of almost all businesses. As a matter of fact, many companies enrol their staff on short or long term study programmes which enhance their vocational skills and take them to the next level.

We encourage industry professionals to send their international employees on Corporate Training courses at Eurospeak College in Reading, Berkshire. All our courses offer the candidates an excellent chance to develop their professional English skills and take them to a more advanced level. All the courses offered under this programme target a specific need for grooming knowledge related to a particular area of concern. The focus remains largely on individual study facility and personal attention.

Here are some of the courses included in Corporate Training in English and Personality Development:

Executive Programme – This professional course works in accordance with the ongoing and upcoming trends and methods prevalent in the student’s industry.

Professional One to One Support – In this course, each student is brought under the personal guidance of a well qualified teacher who is responsible for the task of improving your professional and academic English skills in a very comfortable environment.

Corporate English Programmes – These courses can also be defined as long term bespoke corporate courses, designed for all those firms and companies interested in training their middle as well as top level management personnel for a specific product or area.

Bespoke English Programmes – For this course, students are provided with specially drawn up study material and programmes which help sharpen their skills in a much better way. Also a variety of optional follow up sessions are organised for charting the regular assessment of students.

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How to Apply

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