University Application Checklist for 2021 / UCAS Apply 2021

Everyone wishes the best for themselves. However, the desire we have may divert our attention away and makes it possible for us to suffer from mistakes. That’s where we need guidance.

Thousands of students have only one question in mind: “how does one get into a top university?”. There are several answers to that, but what we do know is how complicated this can be.

The university application is a process that demands patience and focus. Here, we present a checklist that presents a step-by-step guide to university applications for the year 2021, specially written for students who want to be accepted by universities in the UK.

As is known, universities in the UK are the dream of many students. The leading rationale behind this choice may be the UK and USA are home to many of the world’s top universities. According to the 2021 edition of the QS World University Rankings, there are 18 universities from the UK, and the number for the USA is 27.

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¿Conoces los beneficios de dar clases online?

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Debido a la situación que se está viviendo a nivel mundial, muchas universidades, colegios y escuelas de idiomas entre otros, se han visto obligados a cambiar su forma de enseñar a través de las clases online.

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ケンブリッジ英検 VS IELTS – どっちを選ぶ 

「ケンブリッジ英検とIELTSの違いは何?」「一体どっちを受験したらいいの?」 – これらは生徒からもっともよく聞かれる質問です。以下の便利な比較表で、英国2大英語試験の特徴を把握し、自分に合った試験はどちらであるか確認してみましょう。


Sharing makes us stronger! Student Testimonials

Years pass, we meet new people and become rooted in communities. In the future when we look back, we want to remember moments that have made us happy and feel lucky to be able to reflect on such good memories.

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7 Benefits of Online English Courses

We all know what it is like to learn English in a traditional way. Usually, we pack our bags, get dressed and attend the classes in person. For us, being physically present in class is still very important for the English learning process.


10 Maddede Neden İngilizce Öğrenmeliyim?

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Birçoğumuz için yabancı dil öğrenmek zorlu bir süreçtir. Kelime dağarcığımızı zenginleştiremememiz, bazı kelimelerin telaffuzunun nasıl olacağı konusunda yaşadığımız zorluklar gibi nedenler bizleri zaman zaman karamsarlığa sürükler.